i212-WR and i208-WR

When Clair Brothers was approached by some of the biggest names in the cruise line industry to provide speakers for their ships, the Clair team knew it was essential to provide systems capable of withstanding the damaging sea climate. Recognizing that the speakers would be hosed down with harsh sea water during daily deck cleanings, the Clair team chose to design weather-resistant cabinets to survive in the severest of environments.


Weather resistance was achieved for the Clair i212 and i208 line array sytems by using proprietary finishing methods and materials engineered to endure life in the oceanic environment. The speakers feature weather-tight IP67 rated multi-pin connectors to facilitate temporary reconfiguration.  Ultimately, Clair Brothers was able to create a weather resistant speaker without compromising the speaker's design aesthetics.

Clair Brothers offers weather resistance for a number of the products in their product line. Shoot us an email to sales@clairbrothers.com for more information!

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