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Clair Brothers Overhauls Prestonwood Audio System

Prestonwood Baptist Church

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September 2013

Prestonwood Baptist Church needed an audio system overhaul for its 7,000-seat worship facility. A year earlier, Clair Bros Audio updated the system with two Studer Vista M2 desks for monitors and FOH and a Vista 9 to handle broadcast production for special events and services, which often require 120 inputs. This year, Clair Bros’ system designer Jim Devenney and site project manager Mike Mason teamed up with Prestonwood’s technical manager Bobby Reynolds, chief audio engineer Chris Schutz and audio engineer Armando Escobedo to develop the new, state-of-the-art sound system.

The result employs Clair i218 line arrays, flown Clair cardioid sub low arrays, Clair 15CX high-Q fills, Lab.gruppen PLM-series amps, Studer digital consoles, Roland M-48 personal monitor systems, flown choir monitors (three Clair 15CX’s and two R2T’s), 18 Clair 12AM wedges and new floor subs and front fills.

Representatives from Studer visited to update firmware and pre-commission the system, which has some 1,800 analog and AES inputs and outputs.

Once the sound system installation was complete, the focus turned to the studio space. In collaboration with Hanson Hue at Delta H Design, Clair Bros took rebuilt the studio from the ground up. “Clair Bros’ legacy of creative visionaries and engineers have transformed our worship center, studios and audio systems,” said Pastor Bell, “and taken us to an unimaginable level of excellence.