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Clair Brothers Launches New One Series Stage Monitors/Coax Speakers at PL+S

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ONE Series Stage Monitors:

Clair Brothers announced the official launch of two new ‘ONE Series’ stage monitors following in the footsteps of the legendary 12AM stage monitor. The single 12” monitor, known simply as 1AM, is designed to be much more than just a successor to the 12AM. The 1AM is named “1AM” not only because 1AM naturally follows 12AM but also because it’s a coaxial monitor with one common source point for both the low and high frequencies. The 1AM is actually a multipurpose speaker as it embodies all of the necessary characteristics of a stage monitor as well as those necessary for a compact point source application (such as integral pole mount and rigging points). If that’s not enough, the 1AM+ is also available which is the first self-powered monitor speaker in the Clair Brothers line.

While the 1AM boasts tremendous performance and versatility, its sonic performance is exceeded by the 1.5AM, the new single 15” coaxial relative that roars with a 4” diaphragm HF driver and 4” voice coil 15” woofer. The 1.5AM is a dedicated stage monitor and is slightly larger and heavier than the 1AM with the design intent being to create a compact and powerful monitor that appeals to those demanding greater low frequency performance from stage monitors.  

Beyond the Monitors

Further additions to the Clair product lineup include two compact coaxial speakers that are well suited to many diverse applications: the 8CX and the 5CX with 8” and 5” transducers respectively.   The 8CX is designed with twelve integral rigging points as well as an integrated pole mount.   The 8CX and 5CX both draw from a collection of mounting accessories that permit installation in just about every way imaginable. These include horizontal and vertical mounting brackets, threaded stud plates, pipe clamp mounts, chain rigging points, low profile pan/tilt brackets and array mode top-bar style plates.

The Full New Product Lineup

1AM                    12"    Two-Way Full Range Stage Monitor / Multipurpose Speaker

1.5AM                 15"    Two-Way Full Range Stage Monitor

8CX                     8"      Coaxial Point Source

5CX                     5"      Compact Coaxial Point Source

What's Inside

The 1AM and 1.5AM are both similar in that they share the coaxial design and proprietary high frequency horn (60° x 40°) that features unique acoustic filters that optimize the magnitude and phase response between the coaxial components in the crossover region. The powered versions are powered by an integrated 2 ch. 1600W each 3200W total power amplifier module that includes internal DSP loudspeaker processing: Xover, EQ and Limiter. The processing is factory programmed and provides the user with the choice between four presets that are specifically designed for various applications. The 1AM preset modes include a new 1AM monitor mode, a 12AM emulation mode and full range and high passed PA modes. These preset modes are available as Lake processing modules as well for non-powered units.

For specific applications requiring networked DSP’s, an upgrade option is available. Contact Clair Brothers for more information and pricing.