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DMT provides five-star sound at the Langham Hong Kong

Langham Hotel Hong Kong

May 2015
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HONG KONG: The Langham hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui has undergone a refurbishment, with the bar and lobby areas fitted with Clair Brothers products from the company’s installation range. The equipment was supplied by local distributor, DMT Pro.

Consultant Nick Stephens chose an Iris two-way active system for the award-winning Artesian bar, working closely with the Langham’s managing director, Bob van den Oord. Mr Stephens’ company, Nexus Technologies, had handled previous consultancy work for the Langham Group in Hong Kong, and was again appointed by holding company, Great Eagle, to carry out the system design and specification.

‘The existing bar was quite dark and gloomy and it was definitely time for a renovation,’ recalled Mr Stephens. ‘There were big plastic speakers fixed to the columns and cables and equipment in the band area, with a mixer on a low table. It was obvious what needed to be done, and I came up with a design and spec, based on their budget. With the help of the building contractors, Pretterior Works and Consultants, and A/V systems integrator LSI Services, we managed to get the mounting brackets recessed so the Iris speakers are completely flush against the ceiling.

‘It was great to work with such a good quality loudspeaker that takes up such a small amount of space without being obtrusive. The dynamic range is massive, and they sound good both at high and low volumes. As they are two-way active speakers, we have much greater control of the high and mid frequencies, which made it easy to carry out the fine tuning such as EQ and time alignment. I got great support from Chris Fish from DMT and Wayne Grosser from Clair Brothers. We also installed a CS12 subwoofer under the piano that gives a lovely warm low-end sound.’

A further 18 Sonance VP66R ceiling speakers have been used around the bar’s seating area, while a pair of Clair Brothers FF2-HPs are being used as stage monitors. Nexus Technologies also specified a Yamaha 01V96i digital console which has been configured with presets for the bar’s various musical modes.

A challenge for Mr Stephens and his team was carrying out the work while the hotel remained open. ‘As we are right off the lobby we had to be careful to minimise noise,’ explained Mr Stephens. ‘Additionally, marble façades around the columns couldn’t be broken. Getting cables up the columns wasn’t an option so we had to do a lot of chasing through the floor. We had to know exactly what we were going to do and how we were going to do it very early on in the project.’

Four Clair Brothers FX speakers, painted gold, have been concealed in an ornate ceiling in the Palm Court lobby lounge which leads into the bar. A lower ceiling level running around the periphery of the lobby was installed with 10 Amina LFi4eT flat-panel speakers designed to be plastered over, blending into the white plasterboard. ‘There was a dead spot in the middle and the acoustics weren’t very good, but I’m happy to say it isn’t there any more,’ said Mr Stephens. ‘Everything just gels, the quality is great and the sound is complimentary and coherent. People are now drawn through the lobby and into the bar.’

‘The atmosphere that we have created with the assistance of Nexus Technologies is without question the best we could have hoped for,’ added Mr van den Oord. ‘Guest comments have been very positive, and we have been delighted with the professionalism and equipment delivered.’