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Updating a Classic


Clair Brothers recently breathed new life into speakers at The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon bringing back the product to original factory new specifications – in both electro-magnetic and physical appearance.

The Late Show’s 12AMs dated back to 1994 and were showing signs of physical damage to the exterior as well as internal electronics components.

The Clair Brothers service team proposed a total refurbishing that included testing the units, completely stripping them of all components and hardware, sandblasting and re-painting the shells, reconing the LF driver and giving the HF a new diaphragm and deep cleaning.

“This was an ‘everything new except the magnets’ project. We also installed a new HF protection network along with a new grill, handles and shiny new logo,” said Tim Mazur, Service and Sales Manager.

The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon received the refurbished, “like-new” speakers from Clair Brothers along with the original 3-year warranty after the service was complete.

A similar system upgrade and refurbishing was also completed by the Clair Systems service team for the University of Pennsylvania; the original Clair Brothers installation dated back to 1992.

“We updated their system by replacing the HF diaphragms and re-coning the LF drivers while replacing the ML-18’s with new CS-18 II’s. We also installed new BSS processing and QSC PL series amps; while at FOH, they now have a Digico SD9 to drive. To polish it off, we re-aimed and re-tuned the entire system,” said Mazur.