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Solution deployed for Mata Elang International Stadium

Originally published at ProAudioAsia
March 13, 2013

INDONESIA: The system was supplied by Clair Bros’ exclusive Indonesian rental partner and representative ElectroProduction.

When the US$25 million Mata Elang International Stadium opened its doors for business in 2012, it declared itself the largest indoor stadium for concerts in South East Asia. However, that was merely a statistic for the new purpose built venue that can accommodate audiences up to a capacity of 20,000. Owner and entrepreneur Hendra Lie is looking to promote the venues’ flexibility and ease of set-up to international touring acts who may have been deterred in the past from including Jakarta in their Asia Pacific tour plans.

The international music stadium is located at Ancol Dreamland, opposite the festival grounds where Java Rockin’ Land is staged each year, which in itself offers more favorable access for transport. Retractable seating, full rigging with chain lift hoists and abundant facility panels outfitted with microphone, Socapex, power and Cat-5 connections offer multiple set-up possibilities within the stadium.

Meanwhile, to further appeal to touring riders, Mr Hendra has also teamed up with ElectroProduction’s Benyamin Ellyas to bring Clair Bros to Indonesia, offering a full rental service for the prestige US brand. The MEIS solution is intended as a flagship installation in a new roll-out across the country.

The system within MEIS comprises 14 i218M enclosures per side flown in left and right hangs with 10 dual 18-inch iS218M subs per-side for low end. A further four i218M enclosures per-side are deployed for out-fills while eight xFF2-H-Ms are used for front-fills. On stage, 24 12AM wedges provide foldback, with a further two wedges used as drum-fills. Finally, four R4-IV plus four ML18s provide side-fill. To date, Guns n Roses, Sting, J-Lo and a host of Korean pop artists have performed at the venue to critical acclaim.

‘We wanted a plug and play system and Clair offered us just that, as it has more than 50 years of experience in worldwide touring,’ explained Benyamin Ellyas. ‘We want to change people’s perceptions here in Indonesia and show them that audio is important – they should expect Clair Brothers quality with intelligible sound.’

He added: ‘We first met the Clair management team in 2011 and developed a good working relationship with them. There are no politics involved – Clair simply wants to provide the best long-term audio systems in the market. They are highly renowned around the world and now we are bringing that awareness here to Indonesia.’