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Dutch music venue invests in Clair Brothers audio system

Podium Gigant


Podium Gigant, a well-known theatre & pop venue in Holland, accommodates many national and international artists and bands every year. However, the club's acoustics made mixing difficult, and a lot of engineers were struggling to get an even mix.

Peter Boekhorst, chief engineer at Podium Gigant, needed a solution, and The Audio Specialists of Benelux felt they had an answer: the Clair Brothers CAT114. Boekhorst listened to several demos and consulted with numerous engineers about their opinions of the system. It became evident that investing in the CAT114 system along with 12 Clair Brothers WEDGE stage monitors was the right decision.

“We looked for a system that could reinforce our broad scope of visiting acts varying from heavy metal to modern classic and everything in between. The Clair Brothers system offers an amazing sonic bandwidth that – coupled with the very precise dispersion angles – allows every visiting engineer to deliver the mix he wants to.”

Axel Nagtegaal, president of The Audio Specialists, was certain that the Clair Brothers system would be the perfect fit for Podium Gigant. “Only some months after the start of our business, we managed to set a benchmark project in this highly competitive audio landscape. Clair Brothers systems are not only world famous by name, but now also available for local audio professionals. With the right people involved, magic happens, and this project was no exception.”