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The Audio Specialists Use Clair Product to Rock Hedon Nightclub

Hedon Nightclub in Zwolle, Netherlands

May 13, 2014

The Hedon Nightclub in Zwolle, Netherlands had a pretty lofty goal in mind for its venue's reputation: to become the best sounding live music club in the Netherlands, regardless of the music style. In order to achieve this goal, it was imperative they install a flexible and powerful sound system capable of providing large amounts of headroom and clarity in both the main hall and a second, smaller room. At the same time, the system needed to be robust enough to please the "high-profile" FOH engineers who frequent the Hedon while remaining intuitive enough for less experienced engineers to use.

The ultimate solution for the main room came in the form of Clair Brothers' medium-format 16xi212-i-120 line array system, sold and installed by The Audio Specialists, one of Clair Brothers' certified international distributors. Paired with Clair Brothers' 8xCS218 mobile subwoofers and CB-PLM Amplification with Lake Processing, the system provided the versatility to handle not only razor-sharp guitar riffs but also ground-thumping DJ beats. In addition to the main PA, 2x15CX-P coaxial speakers and 2xCS218 subs were used as stage side fills with 14x12AM, 1xML18, and 1xWEDGE as the stage monitor system.

The secondary room required the same level of quality and intelligibility in a smaller footprint. The Audio Specialists achieved this by specifying Clair Brothers 2xR3T Full Range speakers along with the same 2xCS218-M subwoofers used in the main room.

Overall, The Audio Specialists were able to offer the client a turnkey solution, meeting their budget without compromising quality or quantity. When Hedon's Director, Mr. Anne Riemersma, was asked what the most memorable moment of Hedon's three year project timeline was, he responded, "The most memorable moment was when the audio system was switched on for the first time since it was so unbelievably good." The system was met with great praise from visiting acts, patrons, and staff alike and helped solidify Hedon's renowned reputation in the nightclub industry.